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PLC Connection Guide

PLC Connection

Simple yet comprehensive instructions for most PLC device drivers.

Weintek Cloud Service (Weincloud)

Weintek Cloud Service (Weincloud)

Near or far, easily monitor or control your HMI with

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We are Weintek USA

Weintek is a leading innovator in the industrial automation sector, distinguished by our IIoT capable CODESYS HMI solutions. Our dedication to excellence is evident in our cost-effective HMI offerings, which set the benchmark for superior Human Machine Interface technology.

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What Our Clients Say

Weintek HMI’s are my preferred choice for all applications, regardless of the PLC manufacturer being used- they have exceeded my expectations with every use. I have yet to find an application where a Standard or Performance series HMI cannot accomplish the task easier and faster than other brands.
Shamrock Engineering
Weintek is the absolute best value for the most functionality out there that I have found. I now use other brands because I have to, I use Weintek because I want to.
Appalachian Automation