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9.7" / 12" high-resolution HMI with plastic enclosure

Plastic enclosure

Elegant silver side and streamlined styling form factor shows aesthetic sense.

Power isolation protection

Built-in power isolation protection against surges ensures the reliability of HMI.

Wide viewing angle

Up to 70° wide viewing angle makes HMI
monitoring less limited.

Large sizes of HMIs

Large sizes of HMIs can display the most detailed information and objects.

Built-in isolated RS-485

Effectively avoid the ground potential difference problem and ensure your HMI endurable in any complicated grounding environment.
( MT8121XE3 )

PCB Coating Protection

Enhance the strength of the damp-proof, dust-proof
and corrosion resistance in any
harsh environments.

Equipped with powerful Cortex A8 1GHz CPU

Set a benchmark record such as booting speed, JPEG file display speed, and speed of PLC data read/write. Furthermore, high speed of communication improves the efficiency of database operations.